Arkit is a new kind of team collaboration app that combines intuitive project management with powerful, user-friendly mapping.


For teams working on projects with map information, Arkit makes every day more productive and successful, with visual project planning, smarter data management, great collaboration and secure, easy sharing.

Our pioneer customers are using Arkit in the energy industry to better manage their projects and reduce environmental impact. Upstream producers, environmental consultants and others are coming together in new ways to collaborate and share, increase efficiency, reduce liability and improve cleanup.


Our Guiding Principles

Be customer obsessed

We're committed to and inspired by our users – they’re the reason we exist – and we want to listen, learn, lead and make them happy!

Challenge the status quo

We want to question assumptions about software, exceed expectations, and innovate to deliver truly new value and benefit to users.

Redefine project management

We believe it should be fun, powered by amazing tools, and energized through an active community of talented professionals.

Deliver the best experience

We want to improve how people work with the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable experience, solving user problems through great engineering and design.


Founded in 2011, we're a Vancouver-based software company that's deeply passionate about what we do, and committed to helping every team succeed.

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Image credits: Flickr - John Picken; Harshil Sha