Arkit “Grace”

December 21, 2015 Software Update

This update, nicknamed "Grace", introduces some major new features for visualizing your projects, tracking site data, and improving how you search for new project locations.

Improved drawing tools

We've added a set of new user-friendly drawing tools to customize the visual styling of site features. Need to change the colour of a site marker from red to green? Go ahead! Want to draw an orange warning symbol to mark a site hazard? Easy! Need a purple dash-dot outline for that area? No problem!

The improved geometry tools introduce a new library of 42 symbols for custom markers, a palette for changing colours, and options for editing line style and thickness, and area fill and opacity.

Track custom data with your drawings

We've also added new customizable forms for each drawing type, so Administrators can specify what kinds of information should be tracked for each marker, line and area.

You can create new fields to identify and explain each drawn feature, keep notes about their placement or history, record associated scientific or technical data, or any other details you want to track. Read our user guide article about customizing forms to learn more.

Improved location search

This release also improves the location search and preview, so you can now find and create projects using any street address. Just start entering an address, and Arkit instantly returns results for quick project creation.

And more...

This release also contains lots of small enhancements and feature improvements (as always, thanks for the feedback!) and plenty of bug fixes. 

As with all our software updates, there will be new articles added to the Arkit User Guide to explain the new features in more depth.

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Arkit "Grace"

Release date:
Released Monday December 21st, 2015

Summary of changes

  • Add projects using a street address with Arkit's improved location search
  • Edit the visual styling of markers, lines and areas with new drawing tools
  • Choose from a new library of 42 symbols to create custom site markers
  • Tools for Administrators to customize the information tracked for each marker, line and area
  • Lots of other small improvements, and many bugs squashed!