Arkit “Jade”

June 27, 2016 Software Update

We are excited to announce the release of Arkit “Jade”, an update with some major new features for improving productivity and better management of the information that matters to you.

Manage your projects from the field

Everything you love about Arkit is now available for mobile for iOS. Combine intuitive project management with powerful, user-friendly mapping. Easily manage, collaborate and share projects on the go within your organization. Monitor fieldwork and track essential data to keep your team productive. Upload real-time project updates and photos from the field. Arkit is the best way to plan, manage and share map-based work on-the-go.

Click here to visit the iOS App Store and download the new Arkit mobile app!

New bulk editing tools

We’re always working to make Arkit faster and more efficient, and with this release we’ve focused on ways to improve your capability to work resourcefully. A common feature request (we love the feedback, keep it coming!) has been to allow users to share projects and change the information presented for more than one project at a time.

With this release now you can! In the Dashboard panel simply click edit and select as many projects as you want to change. 

Add information to your photos

Do you need to know what direction your photo was taken in or a description of what it represents? With this release we are proud to share this feature with you. When viewing a photo open the panel on the right, select a direction and provide a description.

As with all our software updates, there will be new articles added to the Arkit User Guide to explain the new features in more depth.

Questions, concerns, compliments or feedback?
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The Arkit team


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Arkit "Jade"

Release date:
Release: Monday June 27th, 2016

Summary of changes

  • Take your work into the field with Arkit's new mobile app for iOS. Upload photos and manage your tasks all from the job site.
  • Share multiple projects simultaneously with other companies
  • Easily update details for multiple projects in one go
  • Add a direction and description to your photos
  • Lots of additional improvements and many bugs squashed!