Arkit “Jasper”

Jan 16, 2017 Software Update

We are excited to announce the release of Arkit “Jasper”, an update introducing project templates to improve customization and workflow efficiency. Custom entries also now available in the Project History tab!

New Project Template

New Feature! Project Templates

We have improved our " Add New Project" process so you can get set up faster when you have multiple projects of the same type. Before searching for your project location, choose from a customizable list of your project types so that you can add fields to that group as needed, or the out fields if they are no longer relevant. 


Custom Forms Templates

Adding and Editing Templates

Templates can be added and edited from the "Settings" panel on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

Navigate to "Customize Forms" under Arkit, where you can add or edit Templates. Use the "Add New" button to create Templates, or click into existing Templates to choose what forms you would like to have in each. Streamlined templates will save you time on data entry as only the fields you need will be present on the project summary and data input pages.



Project History

Custom Project History Entries

Sometimes you need to add a note or event to a project that is not related to the tasks and data you have been entering into Arkit. Let's say you're implementing a new safety measure and you'd like to make a note of when the policy was implemented on each of your sites. Or maybe one of your ongoing duties is to keep tabs on three different sites and you'd like to make a note when you've reviewed the recent history. Great! You now have a tool to help you keep track of these events. In the history tab, you can add events as a text field, or you can go a step further and add a field type to your templates that includes exactly the data field you need. 



As with all our software updates, there will be new articles added to the Arkit User Guide to explain the new features in more depth.

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The Arkit team


Arkit "Jasper"

Release date:
Release: Monday Jan 16, 2017

Summary of changes

  • Project templates introduced so you can customize data fields for different project types. Now you can batch edit projects to add fields as needed!
  • Add custom events to project history and specify what types of information should be stored there.
  • Lots of additional improvements and many bugs squashed!