Arkit "Kai"

November 2, 2015 Software Update

This update, nicknamed "Kai", is all about customizing Arkit to track more of the information that matters to you in your projects, budgets and cost reports.

Customizable Forms

We've added user-friendly form editing tools for Administrators, to allow customization of the data in four key areas – primary project details, additional project details, budget information, and cost report information.

It's now possible to add custom form fields, with six different types - short text, long text, number, currency, multiple choice and date. 

This makes it easy to track all sorts of information unique to your business - custom categories, phases, statuses, names, numbers, stages, job details, work dates, descriptions, quantities, financials, and almost anything else.

Some custom fields can also be used to filter the Project Map and Activity Stream, can be instantly searched, and will display automatically in the Dashboard. 

And more...

This release also contains lots of small enhancements and feature improvements (as always, thanks for the feedback!) and plenty of bug fixes.

As with all our software updates, there will be new articles added to the Arkit User Guide to explain the new features in more depth.

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What's New Webinar

Wednesday November 4, 3PM MDT

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Arkit "Kai"

Release date:
Released Monday November 2nd, 2015

Summary of changes

  • New form editing tools for Administrators
  • Customize the project, budget and cost information you want to track
  • Add custom text, date, number, currency and choice fields
  • Use custom data to filter the Project Map and Activity Stream
  • Search projects using your custom data
  • Track your custom data in the Dashboard
  • Lots of other small improvements, and many bugs squashed!