Arkit “Onyx”

Oct 3, 2016 Software Update

We are excited to announce the release of Arkit “Onyx”, an update with some major new features for improving productivity, control over shared information, and better management of the information that matters to you.

New Task Panel Layout

We have improved our task panel for easier readability and use. Within the main task panel, you can now view and do basic editing on all the projects' tasks without having to enter each task individually. View all your project tasks organized by due date, see which ones are dependent on another and who it is assigned to, and delete or update its status as you work through each task.


Task Workflow

Often a task should not be started before another task (also called a dependent task) has been finished. It is these dependencies that drive your projects schedule. At Arkit we are proud to offer you now the ability to better organize your tasks for improved flow and efficiency by linking dependent tasks to one another to show their relationship. In an individual task pane, link dependent tasks by selecting “Waiting on” or “Next Task(s)” to show what needs to be finished before the current task can start and what follows after it is finished.


Clone an Existing Project

We’re always working to make Arkit faster and more efficient, and with this release we’ve focused on ways to improve your capability to work resourcefully. Often times companies will have multiple projects that contain much of the same information. As a result, a common feature request (we love the feedback, keep it coming!) has been to allow users to clone an already existing project. With this release now you can! In the summary panel of an existing project simply click on the clone project button and enter the locations for as many new projects as you want.


Restrict Viewing of Sensitive Information

At Arkit we understand that some information is sensitive and not always appropriate to share with other companies. As a results, we are excited to offer you the ability to restrict who within a collaborating company can see your budgets. When changing a collaborators role or inviting new people to collaborate choose a role that states “no budget” to prevent that person form viewing all budget information.

As with all our software updates, there will be new articles added to the Arkit User Guide to explain the new features in more depth.

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Arkit "Onyx"

Release date:
Release: Monday Oct 3rd, 2016

Summary of changes

  • Enjoy our new task panel layout for easier readability and use.
  • Organize your tasks for better flow and efficiency by linking dependent tasks to one another to show their relationship and help drive the project schedule.
  • Clone an existing project with similar data and avoid entering in the same information twice.
  • Prevent other companies from seeing sensitive budget information with our new roles for collaborators.
  • Lots of additional improvements and many bugs squashed!