The Real Problem With Your Software Strategy

Vincent Lam • October 31, 2015

Too many leaders whom I talked to have "problems with their software."  It's slow; it's hard to use; it just doesn't deliver the result.  Then they spent a lot of time and resources in looking for the perfect one, thinking that it can magically solve their business issues.  And software vendors take advantage of that - "Use our software and you will succeed!"

The reality is, it's often not the software itself to be the problem.  The root cause often comes from what's hidden behind the scene - poorly defined process, ineffective team or poor leadership.  The #1 role of software in an organization should be to provide opportunities for enhancing business processes, improving team work and eventually allowing leaders to better execute.

Whenever I meet with leaders who complained about their existing software, I always challenge them with this question:  If you found a perfect software for your business but everything else remains the same, will your problems go away?

Before shopping for a new software, one should think about:

  • What business goals do I want to achieve?
  • Why have I not been able to achieve these goals?
  • What needs to be changed: Process, People, Tools, or all?

Then define a plan to implement the change.  Remember switching a software is just one part of the equation - it often takes as much, if not more, efforts in aligning process and people in order to reach a harmony of success.

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