Arkit 4.0 Released

Today we announced the release of Arkit 4, a major update to our flagship cloud software for Oil & Gas. “This release continues to break new ground in bringing the power of the cloud to Oil & Gas companies and their Environmental Consultant partners,” Arkit founder Chris Kam explains.

“Accelerating liability reduction, improving data sharing, for our industry these kinds of things are more important than ever. With this update Arkit adds many new features to serve and anticipate these needs.”

The release contains dozens of new features including document and photo uploads, tools to manage project clusters in the same location, smarter real-time email notifications, and fast location search and preview for new projects. There’s also expanded support for the automatic import of borehole, geometry and lab analysis data, and an all-new interface design that’s faster and easier to use.

“Since we first released Arkit, we’ve introduced many new features and had many user requests,” Arkit's Vincent Lam explained.

“But this release is definitely our most significant, with major technology improvements as well as new capabilities. We really believe that a smart, connected, cloud-based solution can deliver a unique value compared to the static data sets and software the industry is used to, and with Arkit 4 we wanted to keep pushing our platform to achieve that.”

Arkit 4 is available today, free for all existing customers.

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