Arkit 4.15 "Garnet" Update Release

July 14, 2017

We're excited to announce the release of Arkit “Garnet”, an update with better customizations, more file upload types and faster, more intuitive bulk change capabilities. With this update, we are also introducing a new forms feature! These editable forms are great for tracking daily reports and other information that will need to be entered on a recurring basis.


Better Email Summaries

  • Now you can pick and choose which projects to include in your email summary by saving search terms.
  • Summaries now have an improved layout.

Bulk Operations Improvements in Dashboard

  • After receiving feedback from our customers, we've made bulk project operations in the Dashboard views more intuitive. Change multiple projects with ease! 

New Forms

  • "History" has been replaced with Recurring Forms. Daily Work Reports and other forms where new entries are added frequently will be easier to track with this new feature.

More Personal

  • You can now save your favourite Map Overview. With this feature, when you log in you will only be presented with the map area that is most relevant to you.
  • Personal User Avatars: personalize Arkit and scan through user history more easily.

Experience Improvements

  • "Latest Activity" has been moved to the Summary panel, to make sure recent changes are highly visible.

Map Updates

  • You can now overlay a new file type on your project map: introducing shape file layers!
  • The base-map (road view) has been updated to incorporate better road and feature details.


These features are available July 15, 2017. Updates to Arkit are, as always, free and automatic for all users. See below for a detailed walkthrough of how to use the new features.

Choosing Your Email Updates

You can now choose what you would like to receive in your inbox from your saved searches. This means you can zero in on a specific geographic region, project stage, or other feature and only receive updates on what is most relevant to you.

Garnet Emails Final.gif


How to Perform Bulk Operations in the Dashboard View

Selecting multiple rows in the dashboard view will pull up a panel on the right where you can make changes to your selection.

Arkit Bulk Edit


Using New Forms and History

A forms tab has been added to the drill down panel on the far left, which you can use to input or view reports or updates. Forms can be customized on your templates page, where you can create as many as you need for that project type, and choose what kind of data will be collected in each.

Arkit Forms


Customizing the Map View

You can now choose how the portfolio map will appear on log in. Just click the "edit view" panel, move the map to where you want it to be, and hit save!

Arkit View


How to Add Shape Files

Select the layers tab in the upper right and follow the "add new" prompts to upload and overlay a shape file on your project.

Arkit Shape File


We hope you enjoy the new improvements! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Sincerely, the Arkit team.

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