Arkit Sapphire Update

We're excited to announce the release of Arkit “Sapphire”, an update that will introduce a task dashboard to keep to-do lists more organized and transparent, and will also improve the filter experience with customizable colors.

With the new changes, you can now:

  • Choose what information the pin colors represent. Get a quick visual overview of project status, template, company, or any other custom filter. Previously pin color could only show which company was associated with the project.
  • View all tasks in one place in the new Task Dashboard
  • Filter tasks by task status to see what is yet to be done
  • Filter tasks by assignee or project for more detailed views
  • Some other minor UI/UX improvements

These features are available April 3rd, 2017. Updates to Arkit are, as always, free and automatic for all users. See below for a detailed walkthrough of how to use the new features.

How to Change Map Marker Colors

In this view, projects are color-coded by Project Status. On the right, the "Assign Color" indicator is white next to Project Status, and black for the other filters, such as Project Type. In this case, marker color corresponds to the status of each project on the map.


Now we've clicked the Marker Color icon beside Project Type. You can see below the icon is toggled to white, and on the map that the project markers have changed to indicate what type of project each of the markers represents.

Arkit mp colours

That's it!



How to Use the Task Dashboard

If you currently use Arkit's other dashboards, the task dashboard should look very familiar. If not, now is a great time to start! The task dashboard is a handy place to see all tasks that have been scheduled or completed, all in one place.

Tasks are automatically sorted by date, but you can filter using the Search bar to see only tasks of a particular status or assigned to a particular person. These improvements are designed to make finding relevant updates faster and easier. 

In the example below, only tasks assigned to Linus are showing. 

And here's a quick animated walkthrough:


Thank you to everyone who provided feedback regarding what features you'd like to see in Arkit. We're always looking to improve, so if you have any further suggestions don't hesitate to get in touch!


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