Quarterly Update 4.21

May 18, 2018

For this release we have added powerful filters to the Dashboard, so you can sort information from right within Arkit. We've also improved the photo viewing area with a moving Gallery! Visually scroll through images, export activities, change the location of your projects and more with these new, more flexible, more visual Arkit features.

All the New Stuff:

  • Added Dashboard Filters
  • Made Project Location Moveable
  • Added Photo Navigation Bar
  • Added Individual Work Dates for each Cost
  • Closing a Budget now locks Costs so they can't be edited
  • Activities now included in Single Project Export

Using Dashboard Filters

Dashboard columns can be filtered by many different conditions, and can be combined with other column filters to find exactly what you're looking for. Filtered Columns will show a blue symbol at the top. To remove your filters, simply select "none" from the condition menu.

Arkit Dashboard Filter

Changing the Location of a Project

If you ever need to move a project, you can now do so easily, right from the project view. At the top of the Summary Panel, just click "move" and enter the new location when prompted. The map will automatically update to the new location, and you can zoom to a comfortable viewing distance from there. 

Note, this will not change the name of the project, so if your projects are named based on their location you may want to update the name as well. 

Arkit Move a Project


Arkit's New Photo Gallery

We've improved how you look at photos with a scrolling gallery. Now when you click into an image, all your thumbnails stay accessible along the top of the image just a click away.

Arkit Photo Viewing Gallery.gif


Cost and Budget Upgrades

We've made two main improvements to how costs and budgets work in Arkit. Firstly, setting a budget from "open" to "closed" now locks the costs so they can't be added or changed. This means that once you've closed that budget, nobody without budget changing permissions can add anything more to it. 

Entering multiple costs is now faster than ever: we've added individual work dates so you can input multiple costs at once, even if they were incurred on different dates.

ARKIT costs screenshot


Exporting Activities

Finally, when exporting individual projects from the Summary page, Activities will now appear as a tab in your CSV file for a more complete picture of the project's history and current status.


We hope you enjoy the new improvements! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you're new to Arkit, schedule a demo and we'd be happy to show you around.


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