Arkit Update 4.16: Introducing Arkit "Citrine"

Sept 7th, 2017

We're excited to announce the release of Arkit “Citrine”, an update with new drawing tools, multi-sharing capabilities, and improved user experience in the dashboard and other areas. With this update, Arkit users will also be able to upload multiple files at once to save even more time.

Share More

  • Arkit Citrine introduces the ability to share a project with multiple people from different organizations! 
  • See who else is collaborating on a project right from the Summary panel.

Upload Faster

  • Drag and drop multiple files into the upload area, or select individual files to add detailed descriptions

More Interactive Dashboard

  • Now you can sort by any column in the dashboard
  • Move columns around to better compare data, and hide any you're not using
  • Share and un-share multiple projects at once
  • Information drop-downs let you quickly see who a project has been shared with

Draw Circles

  • We have added the ability to draw circles or radius rings on the project map. As with other drawings, area will be calculated for you automatically.

Other IU/UX Improvements

  • More budget details shown when adding costs

These features are available September 11th, 2017. Updates to Arkit are, as always, free and automatic for all users. See below for a detailed walkthrough of how to use the new features.

New Sharing Features

You can now share a project right from the project Summary, and you can also see who the project has been shared with from the same pane.

Sep-06-2017 16-29-45.gif

ou'll still need to use the "people" panel to add or remove members from your list of Arkit collaborators. This new feature allows you to invite as many people from as many different organizations as you like.

Upload Multiple Files at Once

The multi-upload feature can be found on the file pane. Use this handy drag-and-drop feature if you have many files to manage, or use the single upload feature if you need to add detailed descriptions to each.

upload multiple in arkit.gif


New Radius Drawing Tool

You'll notice a new icon in the drawing tools, as you can now draw circles or radius diagrams on your project maps. To draw a circle, simply select a centre point and drag outwards from there.

arkit draw circle.gif


Using the New Dashboard Features

The dashboard has become more interactive! You can now move columns around, or sort by any column listed. Under "Manage Columns" in the upper right, you can also hide columns that you aren't using.

arkit dashboard.gif


We hope you enjoy the new improvements! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, or if you're new to Arkit, schedule a demo and we'd be happy to show you around.


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