The Cloud for Oil and Gas

A great piece from UK-based Oil & Gas consultancy Progressive, about the benefits of cloud computing for the O&G industry. While many businesses are embracing a new generation of cloud-based software and services, O&G companies (and their environmental consultants) are uniquely situated to see major benefits from moving to the cloud.

"...whilst being amongst the sectors that stand to gain most from cloud technologies, the adoption rate within Oil & Gas is slower than other sectors. Largely due to sensitivities around data security; safeguarding trade secrets and protecting intellectual property, but are these perceived threats real or just a hangup from the past? What specific advantages could Oil & Gas companies gain from the implementation of a cloud based IT system?"

"Early adopters will see the benefits, reap the rewards, free up time, be more productive, open their operations to expert consultants and gain a significant competitive advantage. As comfort grows around hosting IT in the cloud, opportunities to extend the benefits will be recognised and we’ll see companies continue to invest until our devices are simply portals."

"Knowledge transfer and collaborative working is vital to the efficient utilisation of expensive human resources. Cloud networks maximise productivity, providing a platform for real-time collaboration across your entire workforce and network of consultants."

Read Chris Walcot's whole piece over at the Oil Council website.

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