Global Futures for HSE

Neal Ellis Environment • Energy • 2 minute read

The American Gas Association just announced the completion of a pilot program focused on boosting knowledge sharing and best practices for Gas industry safety. The peer-to-peer program represents a collaborative model for industry solidarity around Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), and is another sign of the growing importance of the issue for modern Oil & Gas companies around the world. Awareness of HSE issues isn't the only thing increasing. US and global spending on safety and sustainability is forecast to increase to $56 Billion by 2030, as companies seek to meet growing regulatory demands, deal with legacy liabilities, and mitigate the risks and challenges of new production.


One common theme among the AGA pilot participants (one we have first-hand insight into) is the importance of the right technology for achieving HSE outcomes. Across the program, companies had a common interest in innovation-

"to build technological consistency throughout all parts of an organization, and helping to ensure that the best technology devices are in place to meet a company’s goals" - AGA Peer Review Program Overview

Read about the AGA's peer-to-peer pilot program on Fuel Fix and the AGA website. The final, national program is set to launch in January, 2015.

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