ARKit Deployment Guide


We're very pleased to welcome you and your organization to Arkit! Here are our suggestions for a smooth deployment, including inviting your team, adding your projects, and getting started with collaboration.

1. Kickoff session
To get started, we recommend a quick kickoff session to determine your deployment needs, answer any questions and make plans for any training. We can also discuss any partner companies you may want to collaborate with using Arkit.

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2. Setup your team
The first step is to set up Arkit accounts for your team, so they can sign in and get to know the software. This is easy using Arkit's People panel - you can send individual invites to specific team mambers, or distribute your unique company invite code to your whole team to join you.

3. Setup your projects
Once your team have Arkit accounts, they can start adding projects themselves right away. Only users with the Administrator and Project Manager roles can add projects.

If you need to add 50+ projects and want help with setup, download the Project Setup Form, fill in your project details, and send it back to us. We'll add those projects to Arkit for you.

Learn more about:
Adding projects

4. Team training
Depending on your requirements, we can conduct online training sessions tailored to your needs, and deliered to your internal champions or whole team. We also have plenty of resources available in the User Guide for self-help.

Learn more:
View the User Guide

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5. Partner setup
Arkit is designed to make sharing and collaboration easy. From the People panel in Arkit, you can send invitations to people at other companies to collaborate with you. They will recieve an email about Arkit, with a link to create a free account, and then you can start sharing projects with them.

6. Partner training
To help your partners get to know Arkit and prepare them to collaborate with you, we can conduct training sessions for their internal champions and/or team members.

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We can't wait to help you get the most from Arkit.
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