The all-in-one toolkit for a smarter project portfolio.

Arkit is an integrated solution with powerful features to help you plan projects, manage data and collaborate easily.


Manage Your Projects

Project Map
See every project, job, activity and company on a live-updating interactive map.

Visual Search
Instant and powerful project search, with live results on your project map.

Project Clusters
Manage multiple projects or jobs in one location, and drill down for quick access.

Project Filter
Mix and match criteria for visual filtering of the Project Map and Activity Stream.

Saved Searches
Quickly access subsets of projects using custom, saved queries.

Quick Creation
Quickly search for any location and create new projects in a click.

Company Filtering
Control project visibility by assigned or responsible company or stakeholder.

Location Preview
Search to see instant map previews of any project or job location.

Data-Rich Icons
Easily explore every project with interactive, colour-coded map markers.

Configurable Types
Classify and track a custom mix of projects with your own set of types.

Your Logo
Add a custom logo to brand Arkit for your team and partners.


Organize Information

Project Summary
A quick view of all essential and recent data about a project.

Status Log
A complete log of project type, phase and status information & changes.

Record AFE details for projects, with detailed sub-budgets and costs.

Manage future, current and past budgets, track by fiscal year, and record associated costs.

Configurable Details
Record details like Working Interest, Scope of Work, Account Codes and more.

Easily input and track itemized costs, with cost centre and budget details. 

Create and manage project tasks, set due dates, assign work and get notified of updates.

Project History
Keep a complete record of project history, communications, and notes on completed work.

Upload, store and share project documents like reports, spreadsheets, PDFs and more.

Upload photographs and image files to maintain a visual project record.

Track project managers, landowners, contacts, and see who is doing work.

Record important site directions, occupant details and address information.

Store information like condition, vegetation, access and wellsite details.

Activity Log
Keep an automatic, permanent record of every project update and change.


Collaborate With Ease

Project Sharing
Give partners or external stakeholers access to your projects so you can work together.

User Invites
Instantly invite your team and partners to sign up & work with you using Arkit.

Company Invite Code
Share a unique invite code with your whole team to let them join you in Arkit.

User Roles
Set roles for your teammates and collaborators to control privileges and project access.

Task Assignment
Manage your team and delegate work with task assignments, tracking and due dates.

Stay up-to-date with your team via automatic alerts and progress notifications.

Cloud Access
Sign in online to work anywhere, and link the office to the field.

Work Log
Monitor each update and keep a permanent record of project changes.

Centralized Data
Manage and consolidate information using a single, organized project database.

Track discussions, questions and notes for each task as work progresses.


Monitor Everyone's Work

Sharing Alerts
Keep track of new shared projects with email alerts and Activity Stream updates.

Activity Stream
Real-time news feed of updates, as they happen, across all your projects.

Real-Time Alerts
Get email notifications in real-time for every update on your most important projects.

Email Summaries
Get an automatic summary report of all project updates, sent daily, weekly or monthly.

Project Watchlists
Watch important projects to get real-time alerts, and include your team and stakeholders.

Your Tasks
Easily manage your tasks, aggregated from all your projects, and see what's overdue.

What's New
See what's new since your last sign-in, with automatic highlights of the latest updates.

Live Map
See project updates and activities from your team and partners appear live on the map.

Track Essential Data

A powerful and convenient overview of all your essential project data.

Project List
See very project in an always up-to-date, detailed and searchable list.

Expenditure Tracking
Monitor expenditures in real-time, with visual meters to track remaining budgets.

Expenditure Filters
See spending by month and year, automatically calculated from costs across every project.

Project Access
Easily monitor which projects are accessible to different external stakeholders.

Data Downloads
Download full, detailed lists of project, AFE and cost data for offline use.

Filtered Exports
Export targeted sets of data, like list of specific projects, budgets and costs.

Project Export
Export individual project summaries, including history, tasks and additional details.

Capture All The Details

Geometry Tools
Easily draw geometry like AECs, surveys, areas, boundaries, and more.

Site Markers
Plot site information like samples, boreholes, and more with one click.

Lab Data
Upload and easily manage lab data and samples from the most popular labs.

Site Standards
Record the soil and groundwater site specific standards for each project or job.

Standards Analysis
Built-in, automatic standards analysis for lab samples, with instant visual results.

Use simple, visual tools to measure distances on project and site maps.


Get A Better View

Site Map
See work visually with an interactive satellite map of each project, and easily add geometry and data. 

Built-in facility data, with site markers to track details like type, operator, status and more.

See pipelines around your projects, and view specific segment information.

See wellsites and their data, with separate surface and bottom hole locations.

Layer Filters
Easily control visibility of geometry, markers, facilities and more for a clear picture of any site.

Overlapping Jobs
Easily see and manage multiple jobs, projects or phases in the same location.

Custom View
Customize and save your preferred view, zoom level and marker centre for each site map.

EM Surveys
Upload custom layers with electromagnetic survey data, and geo-reference them against the site map.

Stay Productive & Secure

Built-in Support
Quickly ask us a question or get support any time, right inside Arkit.

Built-in User Guide
Access help articles for fast answers without interrupting your work.

Automatic Updates
Get new features and stay current with hassle-free, automatic updates.

Instant Deployment
Arkit is ready-to-use on any computer, with no IT setup or custom integrations required.

Strong Security
Best-in-class technologies that keep your data safe, and ensure reliable access.

Responsive and Fast
Optimized for great performance, even on slower computers and small displays.


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