Archiving Projects

Arkit makes it easy to manage your work with two types of projects - Active and archived. When you’re finished working on a project, you can archive it to keep it separate from your Active projects.

All Arkit projects are Active when they are created. Active projects are those your company owns and is actively working on. You can see them on the Project Map, find them using Search, edit and update their information, and share them with collaborators at other companies.

When you finish active work on a project, you can archive it. Archived projects do not appear on the Project Map, and you cannot edit or share them. All plans allow unlimited archived projects, making it easy to maintain a record of past work. You can unarchive projects at any time to make them Active again.

Archiving projects

To archive projects, go to the Projects list in the Dashboard. You can archive individual or multiple projects at once by selecting their checkboxes and clicking the Archive button in the right panel.

Unarchiving projects

To view and manage your archived projects, go to the Archive list in the Dashboard. You can unarchive individual or multiple projects at once by selecting their checkboxes and clicking the Unarchive button in the right panel.

Viewing archived projects

You can view your archived projects in a limited capacity on the Project Map. Open the Project Filter panel, and enable Show Archived Projects. When enabled, all of your Archived projects are shown as grey markers on the Project Map. Archived projects cannot be filtered or searched, and are either all visible or all hidden. Click on an archived project to unarchive it.

Archived projects are also shown when you’re viewing a project’s Site Map, so you can see past work that’s happened in the area. You can control the visibility of archived projects on the Site Map using the map tools at the top right, by enabling or disabling the Archived Projects layer.