Export Project Data

Individual Project Data

You can download a copy of any project's data into a CSV file for use outside Arkit. In a project's Summary panel, move your cursor over the blue action menu at the top left, and click Export Data. The downloaded CSV will include data such as project details, additional details, status logs, budgets, costs, tasks, form entries and site drawing data.

Site map and drawings

Arkit lets you export and download any site map as an image file, complete with site drawings. When viewing a project, use the blue action menu at the top of the Summary panel, and click Export View. You can pan and zoom to set your preferred view, and then click Download to save the image to your computer.

Aggregate Data

The Dashboard gives you access to detailed information and aggregate data about all your projects, as well as the ability to download that information for use outside Arkit.

To download the the Project List, Expenditure List or Budget List data as a CSV file, click the Download icon at the top right of each list.

If you filter or search a dashboard list, the downloaded CSV data will reflect that subset of project informaiton.

Search Results

You can also download a project list whenever you perform a project search. Click Search at the top left of the Navigation Bar, and enter your search terms. Then click the Download button to save a CSV of the resulting project data.