Navigation Basics

Main Navigation

Arkit’s main navigation runs along the left edge of the screen. It includes -

  • Search - Instantly search all your projects by various criteria
  • Activity - See recent and real-time updates from all your projects
  • Tasks - See all the project tasks assigned to you
  • People - Manage the Arkit users in your company, and invite outside collaborators
  • Add Project - Quickly search locations to preview and create new projects
  • Project Map - Explore, filter and access all of your projects visually
  • Dashboard - View and download data about your projects, budgets, costs and more
  • Settings - Update your personal preferences, and manage your company’s Arkit account
  • Get Help - Access the built-in User Guide, and contact us for support requests

Project Map and Dashboard

The two large icons in the Navigation Bar let you access the Project Map and the Dashboard. The Project Map is where you explore all your projects on an interactive map, and access site information and maps for specific projects. The Dashboard is where you can find detailed lists of information and aggregate data about all your projects.

Settings and Help

At the bottom left of the Navigation Bar you can access Settings and get help. Settings lets you manage your Arkit account, update your password, adjust your email preferences and sign out of Arkit. Users with the Administrator role can also edit company settings and manage their Arkit subscription plan and billing.

Click Get Help to access the User Guide for helpful information and tips about using Arkit. The User Guide also has a link to make a support request or give feedback, and a link to online Arkit resources.