Project Forms

Each Arkit project includes a project forms for recording a wide variety of important events and information, and a complete Activity Log of every update. These forms' templates can be configured in company settings.Click Forms in the navigation bar on the left to open the Forms section.


This includes a list of Forms for the project. Click on a form to see all entries for that form, along with who entered the information and event date. Click on an entry in the list to view its details, to edit the information, or to delete it.

Click New Entry to add a form entry. Enter a description or summary for the event, choose an event date, enter any other customized attribute and click Save. To quickly add multiple form entries, click the circular Quick Save icon in the Save button to keep the New Entry form open after the current entry is saved.

Project Activities

Each project also contains a list of its past Activities, including a record of project updates, tasks, budgets, costs, comments, site drawings and more. You can also filter Project Activities by type.

Primary Details History

When you update a project’s primary details such as Project Manager, Project Name or other custom-configured information, Arkit tracks those changes and lists them below the Primary Details form. You can also log a comment with each change to explain the update.