Upload Custom Survey Layers & KMLs

The site map allows you to upload KML files and display them on the map as a custom layer.

You can create and style your custom survey layer using programs such as Surfer.

Arkit will accept files with coordinates that are either in latitude/longtitude, or UTM.

 For Shape files, the zipped file must contain the data files with extensions .shp, .shx and .prj. If your file doesn't have a .prj files, you can simply choose from he list of coordinate systems. For further guidance on creating an Arkit-compatible KML and/or Shape file, open a Support Request, or you can email support@arkit.io.

To upload your survey in Arkit, open the layer tools at the top right of your site map and click on Add New Layer. After choosing your file, you can give your survey layer a custom name and then click on Upload.

More Information on KML uploads here.