Using the task dashboard

The Task Dashboard displays a list of all tasks from projects that you can view, and are sorted by Due Date. Each task shows the Project the task belongs to, its status, summary, assignee, start date, due date, and description. Any custom task fields are added to the end of the table, provided that there are tasks that have values for those fields.

Similar to the Project Dashboard, you can search for tasks based on a search string. Simply enter the terms you wish to search for in the "Search your tasks..." field and Arkit will attempt to match it against the available task fields. You can enter multiple terms, or combine terms for exact matches with double quotes.

You can download the task list as a CSV file by clicking the checkboxes of the task you want to download, then click on Download in the right panel. If you have filtered the task list using a search, the downloaded CSV will contain that specific subset of tasks. You may also select only individual tasks to download by checking the checkboxes to the left of each desired task.