See What’s Happening

Combining project data with geographic information keeps you focused on what matters most by providing you a comprehensive view of all your projects. 

Keep Projects on Track

Arkit’s dashboard looks and feels similar to an Excel spreadsheet, but provides you with more in depth details to better analyze all of your projects and ensure nothing gets left undone.



Stay Steps Ahead

Mitigate project risks by receiving notifications of tasks most important to you. With Arkit’s custom email preferences you decide the frequency and types of activities to receive updates on.

Eliminate Surprise Overrun

Arkit puts you in control of your budget by allowing staff and contractors to enter costs in real-time. You don’t have to wait around for invoices or be blindsided by overrun.


When information is visual, it’s immediately accessible for dissemination. With Arkit, we can now see what’s happening on our projects in near real-time.
— Robin Weseen, VP of Operations, Summit Liability Solutions


Case Study

Read how Summit Liability Solutions has achieved a 50% decrease in project overages since using Arkit.