Pricing Guide

Thank you for your interest in Arkit.

Arkit pricing is based on active projects enabled on our platform, not users. Subscribers may register an unlimited number of user accounts on Arkit. Our pricing affords customers complete flexibility to selectively invite stakeholders to projects. Communicating and collaborating with colleagues, clients, partners, suppliers and others through Arkit makes your workflow as time efficient and cost effective as possible.

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All subscription includes


What are Active Projects?
These are projects your company owns and is actively working on. You can see them on the Project Map, edit and update their information, and share them with collaborators at other companies.

What happens to old projects?
When you finish active work on a project, you can archive it. There's no limit on the number of Archived projects you can have, and you can unarchive them instantly if you need to edit or share them again.

Do you charge for users or seats?
No. Arkit is designed to simplify collaboration, so everyone in your team can have an Arkit account.

What are the requirements to use Arkit?
Arkit is a web application designed for easy, secure access anywhere. We recommend Google Chrome, and we also support the latest Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer 10 & 11.

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