Arkit "Cathetel"

August 17, 2015 Software Update

This update introduces over a dozen new and improved features, including some powerful new ways to explore and manage your projects.

Project Filter

The all-new Project Filter gives you intuitive, visual control of the projects you see on the Project Map, and the activities you see in the Activity Stream.

Mix and match multiple filter criteria including Company, Type, Phase and Status, and use Saved Searches to build custom filter criteria combinations. 

Best of all, Arkit automatically saves your Project Filter. This means whenever you view the Project Map, your most recent filter is automatically applied and you only see the projects and activities you're interested in.


We've made major improvements to the Dashboard so it's faster to load, easier to use, and presents more of your data.

The Project list now loads quickly even with thousands of projects, and makes additional project information visible. And new Dashboard tools let you quickly perform important functions like archiving projects and downloading project data.

Archived Projects

We're making it easier to manage your project history with archived projects. When you’re finished working on a project, you can now archive it to keep it separate from your current Active projects.

Archived projects are hidden on the Project Map by default, and you cannot edit or share them. They can be easily managed using the new Archive list in the Dashboard, and you can unarchive projects at any time to make them Active again.

And more...

This release also adds features for faster project creation, easier cost entry, better tracking of primary project data, and introduces new capabilities for tracking custom-configured project information. The full release notes are listed at the top right of this page.

As with all our software updates, we've added new articles to the Arkit User Guide about these new features. 

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Arkit "Cathetel"

Release date:
Released Monday August 17th, 2015

Summary of changes

  • all-new, powerful filtering for the Project Map and Activity Stream
  • filter by multiple criteria including company, type, phase and status
  • combine saved searches with the project filter for advanced querying
  • always see your preferred view with automatic save for filter settings
  • improved capabilities for tracking custom-configured project details
  • redesigned dashboard to show more data, and load more quickly
  • add comments to accompany primary project details updates
  • view Arkit plans, subscribe instantly and manage billing and payments
  • easily archive and unarchive projects with new dashboard tools
  • view archived projects on the Project Map and Site Maps
  • improved display of your project and storage usage
  • easier project creation with quick entry of primary details
  • improved capabilities for tracking custom budget and cost information
  • filter historical project Activities to easily trace past work