About Arkit Accounts

Creating accounts

Anyone can use Arkit by signing up for an account on the Arkit website. Existing Arkit users can send invites to new people to sign up and create accounts. An Arkit account consists of a first and last name, an email address (which must be unique to that account), and a password (containing at least 8 characters including 1 number).

About companies

Every Arkit account must belong to a company, and can only belong to one company at a time. When a new user signs up they can choose to create a new company, or join a company that already exists in Arkit.

All users in a company have access to that company’s projects, and any projects shared with that company, as defined by their user and collaborator roles. Learn about roles..

Each company in Arkit has a subscription plan that defines its features and usage limits. Learn more about plans or about managing your subscription.

Changing companies

If an existing user is invited to join another company, accepting the invite will remove their account from their original company and make it part of the new company. If someone is the only user in a company, and joins a different company, their original company and its projects are abandoned and will be deleted. If someone wants to leave a company, and is the only user in that company with the Administrator role, they should make another user an Administrator first to prevent orphaning the company’s users.

Deleting accounts

Users with the Administrator role can delete accounts within their company using the People panel. Their Arkit account will be permanently deleted, so they will no longer be able to sign in or access projects. Any information that was associated with that user (like assigned tasks) will retain the user’s name until a new user is designated (for example, by reassigning tasks).

By signing up for and/or using Arkit, all users agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.