Add new projects

To add new projects, begin by choosing a project template. Template type cannot be changed once assigned, but if you need to add fields later you can do so by adding the field to that template type. All projects of that type will be batch-edited to gain the new field. If this is your first time in Arkit, you will first need to create some templates! To do so, go to the "Settings" tab on the bottom left, and click on "Project Templates". Here you can add and edit Project Templates.

Once you have selected your template, you can search using a street address, Latitude and Longitude, Legal Subdivision (LSD), Unique Well Identifier (UWI), or US Public Land Survey System (PLSS).


  • Address: 18 Davie St, Vancouver Canada
  • Lat/Lon: 57.25367, -113.68491
  • LSD: 10-10-010-10W5
  • UWI: 100/01-01-011-01W5/00
  • PLSS: CO31 S035 T004S R003E 

After searching for a location, a list of possible matches will be displayed. Click on a search result to preview that location on the map. If the location is not quite correct, simply drag and drop your project marker to the proper spot. You can add more than one project at a time by simply typing in another location. Once you have added all your project locations click 'Done' to create the projects.

For PLSS, your search query should always start with a state's two letter code (e.g: CO for Colorado). The meridian that follows is optional. All other info can be entered in different order. Section starts with "S" (e.g: S035), Township starts with "T" (e.g: T004S, and Range starts with "R" (e.g: R003E). We currently have PLSS data for Kansas, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Colorado.