Explore the Project List

The Dashboard displays a complete list of all your Arkit projects, sorted by most recently updated. Each project shows the owning company, the assigned company, whether the project is being shared with the assignee, the project name, project manager, active budget, the next upcoming task, and additional primary details like project classification. Click on an individual project name to go to that project. Click on the blue action menu to Archive or Delete the project, or to Download that project’s data.

Budget information is displayed as a visual meter, indicating the percent of the total active budget that has been spent. Hover your cursor over the meter to display additional expenditure details.

You can search the projects list by project name, location, project manager, company, and any other custom-configured primary project details. You can also combine multiple search terms for more specific, targeted queries.

You can download the project list as a CSV file by clicking the Download Project List button at the top right. If you have filtered the project list using a search, the downloaded CSV will contain that specific subset of projects.

Do you have more than one project you wish to share with a company or do you need to update the same details in more than one project? Arkit allows you to share projects and update project information in bulk. In the dashboard Projects panel click edit, select all the projects you wish to update or share and then click next. In the Edit Projects panel select Project Details or Additional Details, make your changes and select save. Your updates will be applied to all your selected projects. To share, under Assigned Company, click the Share button. Arkit will display a list of companies the project can be shared with, and how many people you are collaborating with at each company. Click Choose beside the company you want to share with, and click Save.