Maps & Drawings in a Fast, Convenient Format

Spatial data doesn't have to be difficult to access. Arkit lets you map your project spreadsheets without losing the tabular format — so you can choose what view works best right now.

Your projects at a glance: filter your portfolio visually.

Project Filters

The flexibility of a map and spreadsheet view lets you check in quickly on different aspects of your projects. Check on delays, completions, permit status, project phase, or anything else you choose to track.

In Progress




On Hold


Not Required

Track project data in context.


In Arkit, project information is displayed in context. When you open your projects, you'll be greeted by a high-level Project Summary that covers budgets, tasks, recent activity and notes coming in from the field. Combined with the overhead map of the job site, you can quickly get a handle on what's going on and what needs to happen next.

Budgets & Costs

Arkit's budgeting and cost tools keep you up-to-date with costs coming in from the field. By providing an easy, mobile entry system, Arkit captures costs as they occur. Two-way communication with your accounting software reduces dual-entry and means nothing gets missed.


Arkit's task panel helps you stay organized, whether you're managing 5 projects or 500. By managing the assignment and completion of tasks in context with site maps, photos, and field data, everyone can see what needs to be done and where.

Accurately annotate site information in context without dealing with multiple paper trails.

Drawing Tools

At Arkit, we understand how valuable it is to be able to sketch out changes right on a map. Our drawing tools are built for communication. You can overlay drawings and imagery from other GIS software in Geotiff, Shape, and KML format, and import custom layers of data onto your entire portfolio.







Images / Files / Forms

Image Gallery

Arkit keeps your site photos organized in a consistent format across your whole portfolio. You can always find the images you need, right there with your project information. Share, download, and annotate all in one place.

File Management

It's critical that project stakeholders can access accurate, up-to-date documentation for their work. It's nice when that access can happen without having to email anyone. Arkit comes with a consistent document filing system purpose-built to keep documentation under control and readily available to each project's team.

Collaborate & Track Projects Data in Real-time


Quickly get the information you need by checking your tasks and making updates right from your phone.

Take Photos & Upload

Save yourself the step of emailing photos or manually organizing them into a database. Take site photos right from the Arkit app.

Simplify the way you work.

Arkit gives us a picture of everything that is happening with our projects. From there, Arkit allows me to drill down to specifics so we can achieve our KPIs.

Jim Gordon, HSE Manager
TORC Oil & Gas