Purchasing new software can cost your organization thousands of dollars in hidden costs if it’s implemented poorly or takes too long to migrate your data. We eliminate these risks by configuring your site and migrating your existing data.

Because we do all the heavy lifting, initial implementation of Arkit can be done in as little as two weeks.

Step 1: Discovery

We begin by getting to know your business and desired outcomes. Typically in two business days or less we can identify your goals, analyze your current business process, and be ready to setup the software to fit your needs.

Step 2: Data Migration

Depending on how your current data is stored, we can bulk upload your data set and configure Arkit to your organization’s workflows in as little as one week.

Step 3: Administrator Training

We spend two to three hours training your internal champion and software administrator.

Step 4: Setup Validation

Once your administrator is trained they can verify the current data management and system workflows are setup according to your business needs. We recommend creating an internal standard operating procedure (SOP) to distribute to your employees and contractors.

Step 5: End User Training

With the new SOP in place, employees and contractors can be trained on using Arkit in as little as one to two hours.

Step 6: Integrations (optional)

Depending on your business needs, Arkit’s open API can integrate with your existing applications.