You’re in good hands.

Our expertise in working with small- and medium-sized fieldwork businesses helps us understand you’re all very different. Together, we will design and integrate the ideal SOP for your business.

Our Process



Our first step is to dive deep into understanding  your goals and unique processes. Only then can we design a new and improved workflow that’s tailored around you.


Data Migration

Once we have a deep understanding of what you you’re trying to do, we’ll do all the heavy lifting to migrate your data into the our system.



As you get comfortable in the system, we’ll partner up with you to create additional customizations. We’ll also be there to show you how to make changes yourself.



When we develop standard processes with you, new users can adopt the system with ease. Team members needs to adopt.


Going Live

Inviting external stakeholders to collaborate in Arkit is as easy as sending an email. You’ll have complete control of who sees what while cutting down unnecessary emails.

Open API

Our Open API links Arkit to your specific third-party software. Our consultants and engineers puts your unique workflow into focus and tailors Arkit to work best for you.

Simplify the way you work.

Our consultants had maybe half an hour of training, it was easy, and we haven’t had any problems since then. I’ve also noticed a few times when Arkit’s been updated with new features based on our feedback, which is great.

Kent Cryer
Summit Earth