Create Standard Business Processes

Standardized business processes increase project capacity and reduce productivity lost to turnover. We help you realize these benefits immediately by importing your existing project spreadsheets into Arkit — no downtime.

Reports Without the Work

Eliminate the hours of painstaking work and late nights compiling reports. You tell us what you want and your report is ready with the click of a button.



Consistent, Real-Time Project Updates

Ensure consistent and timely communication by being able to standardize how project information and daily updates are input by both employees and contractors.

Reduce Redundant Processes

Arkit’s open API increases efficiency by connecting your existing software applications so they are no longer siloed.


We tried other software but, didn’t have the resources to hire a database administrator. Arkit provides the data management we need in an affordable, user friendly package
Arkit delivers the right combination of features: accessibility, simplified data management, and reporting inside a friendly user interface
— Noreen Sumara, HSE Advisor, Long Run Exploration


Case Study

Read how Long Run Exploration has cut reclamation planning time by 50%.