Put columns and rows into context.

Spreadsheets give you control, but they’re linear and one dimensional. Imagine if you could instantly map every spreadsheet you use.

Move beyond linear data tracking and into dynamic fields

Beyond Text

Connected, automatic indicators make key insights more visible.

Column Control

You need a unique view, so do your colleagues. Control how you each access the same pool of data.


Avoid versioning issues caused by locally-stored files. Arkit's keeps data consistent.

Track Budgets and Costs in Real-time

Stay Up-to-Date

Minimize dual-entry and prevent surprise overruns. Add costs right from the field, in a format faster than email.

Track Multiple Budgets

Get a detailed report of all expenses related to each budget or each project. Integrate with your accounting system for a complete picture.

Easily Filter Your Columns and Export Your Spreadsheets


Quickly get the information you need without fiddling with endless scrolling through columns

Export to CSV, PDFs

Easily take your information into other programs for reports and other wonderful uses. Export tables into CSVs and access anywhere.

Visualize Your Data

Simplify the way you work.

Arkit gives us a picture of everything that is happening with our projects. From there, Arkit allows me to drill down to specifics so we can achieve our KPIs.

Jim Gordon, HSE Manager
TORC Oil & Gas